11. Book of Projects

All over the world, ISGF members had, have and plan many projects to develop their Members, Scouting and Guiding and the community..
This small “Book of Projects” is a very important tool from all of us members of ISGF.
What an enormous diversity of projects, examples of the activities of our members all over the world complementing all the sectors of life.

10. Interreligious dialogue

Most of us when making the Scout or Guide Promise, mentioned ”Duty to God” the God of each other religion. Nowadays each Scout or Guide Association chooses the way they want to express their Promise. To a Higher Power, to the beliefs of each member or some other expression.
For us adults in ISGF, being believers, agnostics or atheistic, church goers or no, sometimes we discuss religious problems without any knowledge of the other religions.

8. Emergency assistance

Watching the news from around the world, we realize that we must be prepared to react to the catastrophes that happen all time in different parts of the world.
Civil Defense is not only the responsibility of the Government Organizations or the Public Authorities, it’s the duty of all members of society to support it. This booklet was given to ISGF by the author Martin Claudio Pereyra, member from the Argentina Fellowship and we hope this contribution will be used by all of us for the safety of our society and complete the vision of “Our Kit”.

7. Finances

The purpose of this booklet is to give some basic information about finances and the financial impact on the activities in a fellowship on local, national, regional and international level. We will try to give some advice on these matters to be sure that this vital part of our activities is based on good and transparent routines.
We hope that both NSGFs and LSGFs might find it useful in their daily operations. The regions and sub regions might find valuable ideas for their activities.
Finances, fundraising, economics is only a mean to achieve our mission, our vision and our goals. Therefore, always have this in mind working with finances in ISGF. The main question in all financial matters is a question of responsibility. All our activities in our fellowship are based on the scout law and promise. However, we must never forget that we are dealing with people.


This theme brings together our two organizations, the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), attesting to the shared ideal of working for peace in the world. A strong partnership was first established in 2007 and several joint missions have emerged to give life to this collaboration. Today we have the pleasure of sharing this document, which reflects the common desire to strengthen this partnership. We hope that this collaboration, extended for a period of six years and signed on March 22nd, 2012 in Paris, will allow ISGF and UNHCR national representations to implement projects in different countries, in an effort to raise public awareness concerning refugee issues and other persons of concern to UNHCR.

5. B-P, Old Thoughts – New Visions

The idea behind this booklet is to give a glimpse into Baden-Powell’s life, thoughts and methodical attempts to put words into action.

Baden-Powell was not only interested in the Scout Movement; he was also very concerned about current affairs


Scouting and Guiding for adults?
Birth of an organisation for adult scouts and guides
Who is the ISGF?
How is the ISGF organised and what for?
Why should an adult belong to the ISGF?
How to join the ISGF and how to start a National Fellowship
What does the ISGF do?
What are the financial resources of the ISGF?
The International Ambassadors Guild – the ISGF Foundation

3. Scout/Guide Method for Adult Education

What is the Method? The word “method” may have different meanings. It is the way one behaves, the process to reach a goal or to solve a problem. It is the adopted attitude. J.E. Russel, quoted by R. Baden Powell in the book “Aids to scoutmasterhip”, writes: «The most astonishing aspect is not the scout/guide activities but the method: an almost ideal method to lead kids systematically to do the right thing and get the right attitude. The four key-features of the scout/guide method are: character, health and physical strength, hand skill and service to the neighbour, “essential points for the social life that are developed from inside, rather than from outside” (B.P., A guidebook for Scoutmasters, part I, on the Theory of Scout Training). In this handbook we will focus on these four topics, wondering how they can be read considering the adult world and how much they are relevant for the definition of a method.

2. Scout/Guide Law for Adults

The scout/guide Law is linked to a Promise, through which we join the big family of scouting and guiding.
A Promise which we renew year after year, endeavouring to relive it in our daily life.
For some of us the Promise was first taken long ago, and over the years our vision of the World has grown wider and wider.
Our individual lives are oriented toward reaching the deepest understanding of the scout/guide Law, which provides us with a perpetual rule for evaluating and living.