Western Hemisphere region

The Western Hemisphere Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is made up of 36 Member Organizations in countries ranging from Canada in North America, to the Caribbean in Central America and Chile in South America, as you can see it is a Region of great ethnic and cultural diversity . Our mission is “to work in peace and harmony for the advancement of girls and young women in our Region without Borders” Representatives of the member associations meet every three years in a Regional Conference whose functions are: • Promote and expand Guiding / Scouting within the Region and develop plans to assist National Organizations. • Create opportunities for training and exchange of concerns, experiences and human resources. • Election of the new Committee and the venue for the next conference At the Western Hemisphere conference that was held in July 2007 in Toronto Canada, Peru was chosen as the venue for the next Regional Conference. Now in June, we received more than 130 Girl Guide Scout delegates from different countries of the three Americas, North, Center and South, who arrived in Lima to participate in the 12th Regional Conference of the Western Hemisphere. REGIONAL CONFERENCE 1. General objectives of the Western Hemisphere Conference The delegates of each Member Organization meet every three years to: Receive a report on the work and finances of the Region. Decide on the activities of the Strategic Plan for the Region for the next triennium, in accordance with the goals of WAGGGS. Agree on the strategic plan and budget for the Western Hemisphere, in accordance with those of WAGGGS. Elect the Regional Committee. Discuss and decide on topics of interest to the Region. 2. Development and working modality of the YOUTH SUMMIT conference It began with the celebration of the “Youth Summit of the Western Hemisphere”, whose primary objective is: To provide young women with the space to be the voice of girls and Young people from the Region, through Experiential Workshops, Sharing Successful Experiences, Deepening the TAG- Global Action Topics and how they will be protagonists of the changes and challenges proposed and above all, enhance their talents and skills to do Advocacy. After the “Youth Summit”, a Workshop focused on Cooperation between youth and adults was held,

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