1.- Ideas booklet

This booklet has been published to give inspiration to the work in the local guild. The content of this booklet does not pretend to be complete in any way. It is just a collection of suggestions and ideas to choose between or to be inspired by. The suggestions are not written in priority order, and some of them may not be suitable in all areas around the world. Nevertheless, it is the sincere hope of the World Committee that this booklet will find its way to the local guilds where it belongs and that it will be translated into other languages to ensure the best possible use for the benefit of a richer life in the local guilds. This booklet, reshaped with some more ideas, is to be considered as the introduction of “Our Kit” launched in July 2015. All ISGF members can consult it on the ISGF website (www.isgf.org) but some printed versions are also available upon request to the ISGF World Bureau.

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